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            Once you have your site on the web, how do you measure the effectiveness? Information about the visits to your site will let you know how well you are doing. Most hosting companies have their services set up so that you may view the site statistics. The chart on this slide shows the number of unique visits to the site. You can see that the number of visits vary from day to day.  Other information that you could use in order to customize your site according to the visitors is by knowing what browser the visitor is using. You will want to insure that your site works well with all browsers, especially the visitor’s browser of choice.

            The best feedback you will receive on your online marketing efforts is the referral data. This shows how the visitor landed on your page. Maybe it was an online news story, the company blog, or a Google search. Once you find out why and how the visitor found the website, you will be able measure the current effectiveness and you will be able to make decisions about future marketing efforts.

            Google provides a free service for your site called Google Analytics. You will be able to log into your Google account and see similar data to what your provider furnishes. On top of that, Google Analytics keeps track of how well, or how bad, your marketing tactics are doing.

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