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            It is understood that the site needs to stay with the same color scheme and overall look on each page of the site. This lets the visitor to browse with the understanding that they are on the same site and have not been high jacked somehow, and it provides comfort. This slide presentation is an example. By now, you have noticed that some parts stay the same and some parts change. You know where to look for the new content. The bullet points of the presentation are always on the sticky note to the left and pertinent graphics on the right. The top portion simply stays the same. If the next slide was hot pink swirls on a black background, you would at first be perplexed, and then some other emotions would come to light. The presentation would be ruined. Your site needs to have the same uniformity.

            You will want the navigation ability to be readily apparent to the visitor during that first impression stage. Having to look around to find out how to navigate would make the experience chaotic. This slide shows a simple layout that has worked for many web sites. Sometimes the buttons run across the top rather than on the side, but they will be in the same place as you go from one page of the site to another. Having more than one way to navigate make it even easier for visitors to get around. The combination of button and text navigation seems to be the most common tool combination used. Text links at the bottom of each page insures that all areas of the site can be reached from each page. You may also elect to have a site map so that all pages can be located. A site map shows the hierarchy of the site very similar to an organizational chart that companies use.

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