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            Now that someone has landed on your site, how are they going to get around? You have several different ways to allow visitors to navigate your site. The most common way seems to be the button style. The buttons have text that represents the web page the button leads to. A simple click of the mouse will allow that page to load. You may want to use text to link the pages of the site. That is fine as well. Arrows can be used as well. They are commonly used for slide show navigation more than anything else. The left pointing arrow should take you to the last page visited or the last image shown. The right pointing arrow will take you to the next page or the next image. The up arrow should take you to the parent page of the one the arrow is on. Pictures are another navigation tool.  They work in the same way that the button images work, but the greatest use of them seems to be for advertising other sites. Because of this, it would be wise to use the button images for linking internal pages of your site.

            Hotspots are another way of linking pages. This requires that an image be placed on the web page. A hotspot is then created on that image to take you to a different page or site. The photograph on the right of the little boy has a hotspot where the balloon says “My Photos.” Click on the balloon will take you to his photo album page. If the author of the site wanted to, he or she could make a hotspot in each of the squares containing number that will take you to a different album.

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