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            By this time you should have an idea on what you want to present to the world via the internet. Every site needs to take the size and font of the text into consideration. Other than the heading, the font needs to be easy to read and at a size that can be read by your intended audience. Using a hard to read font would destroy an otherwise great site. People just are not going to struggle to read a couple of paragraphs of some strange font just because a designer thinks it is cool. Another consideration would be the age of the intended target audience. If you are creating a site for people over forty, then make the font one or two sizes larger than what you might call normal. Some easy to read fonts include New Times Roman and Arial. There are other fonts that can be used as well, but do make sure they are easy to read. The object is to make the site easy to digest the content once you have enticed them to stay.

            It goes without mention that a site should be in the language of the intended visitors. There are many companies that have several sites because of their global presence. This means that they change the language on the sites and use the same layout including graphics, right? That is wrong in most cases. Take McDonald’s for instance. Most, if not all, English speaking cultures use low context to communicate. English is very precise and the language can create context rather easily. Most, if not all, Asian cultures use a high context language to communicate. The language requires, to a certain degree, that the context of what is being said needs to be known. Because of this, targeting Asian cultures will require more graphics to create a context for the communication. In other words look at the US and Japanese versions of their web sites. The US page is small and has an advertisement for a game and a new product as the centerpiece. There are text links on top and bottom. The Japanese site has much more graphics. There are people shown with smiles that are of different ages and sex. The images are intended to show that the company satisfies all, regardless of age or sex. The images try to put the onlooker in a situation that is favorable to them. The US site would not have the same effect as that the Japanese advertisement has. This same context level goes into printed material as well. Take a look at an Asian magazine and it looks cluttered to the American. From an Asian view, an American advertisement looks bleak and lacks something to be desired.

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