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            This brings up the use of keywords. There was a time when site builders could use a lot of words that were unrelated to the site just to get visitors. This made it hard for anyone to do proper keyword searches. You may be searching for flower shops in Texas and get a tobacco shop in Turkey instead. The search engines are much more sophisticated and a mystery surrounds how they actually work now. Using alternate text on images will help. If you have a flower shop in Texas, you can place a picture of your shop and use the alternative text, “The front view of the flower shop in Texas.” This helps the search engine gather the right information about your site. The search engines will also count the number of times certain words are used on each page and how long the site has been on the web.

            Graphics should be optimized like it was stated on the last slide. Make them load fast by using 72 dots per inch. Use graphics that grab the attention of the visitor and go along with the color scheme of the site. If for any reason the graphics do not enhance the site in the way of both appearance and content relationship, get rid of it. Remember, you only have a few seconds to grab the visitor’s attention enough to keep them there.

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