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            Colors are only part of the design of the site. You will need to focus on what you intend to do with the site. What type of information are you going to supply and what result do you expect from the information? Some sites are geared for ecommerce where they supply information about goods and try to entice purchases. Other sites provide information about services and try to entice you to use their company for the service. There are other sites that provide free online services in order to charge companies for advertising on the site. Two of the most visited sites, Google and Yahoo, are such sites. They provide a service and since they have a huge amount of visitors, companies pay to advertise on those sites.

            Google seems to be the most used site, and Yahoo is well within the top twenty sites. Take a look at the simplicity of Google. It is a minimalist’s dream come true. There is no clutter. The landing page that is shown allows for an undistracted search of the internet. We all know that Google does much more than that, but their main page is worth studying so that you will not go overboard when creating a site design. Yahoo has a much more complex look to it. The site allows you to go straight to searching or will allow all types of browsing from the landing page.

            One should note, that in the top twenty sites, they all loaded fast and there were no flashing banners. They all have simple designs that provided the content or service the appeals to most internet users. Your project may not have the same mass appeal, but keep in mind that the flashy sites that seem to jump up and down for attention rarely get noticed. Some sites have little movie pages to get you started. You watch a little Flash based movie and then you are instructed to click somewhere to enter the site. People in general have become to expect instant gratification and it would be wise to stay away from using this tactic no matter how great you think your Flash ability is. Very few people will wait over five seconds for a page to appear when they are using broadband. The dial up users will wait longer, but they will back out of site that does not appear to be loading. This brings up a couple of things that may cause the site to load slowly. One is the use of large images. In order to get the image to load fast, save the image at 72 dots per inch. It will look great on the screen and load fast. If you are placing pictures on the web at 300 dots per inch, the load times will be slow and the appearance will be very close to the same. You will also want to place some alternative text in case the image does not show on the monitor. Staying away from movies and using alternative text along with the images will benefit you in two ways. One is that sight impaired individuals will be able to hear what your image is about when they mouse over the image. The other benefit is that the search engines will be able to know what is on your site. Graphics are unreadable to search engine spiders and robots. The use of text lets them find you and in turn, they will tell others about you when there is a pertinent search conducted.

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