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            The internet is an awesome communication tool that allows anyone with access to find and share information with the net savvy world. Each day that goes by, the information available is increases substantially. A news report from CNN dated November 1, 2006, stated that the number of web sites reached the 100 million mark (Walton, 2006). Just thirty months earlier, the number of sites had reached fifty million. In January of 2009, there was an estimated 185.5 million sites (Netcraft, 2009).

            With so many web sites out there, it is no wonder that when someone visits a site, it takes just a few seconds for them to make a decision about whether to stay and look around, or leave. What this means to you as a web designer is that you have only seconds to make a positive first impression. You must consider these few seconds as the most important seconds to a successful design.

            This presentation will provide information on web site design in regards to color, content, and navigation. Mastering the use of these three elements of web design will allow you to grab the visitor’s initial attention, as well as retain that attention long enough for an effective response.  

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